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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playground?

Playground is a new experimental platform focused on generative works of art that are stored immutably on the Solana blockchain.

What are Waves?

Waves is Playground's first drop.

Waves is generative artwork inspired by the fluidity of the crypto markets including: Bollinger Bands, wave theory, and moon math charts. Waves is a collection of one thousand uniquely generated artworks created using p5.js, embodying the full spectrum of emotions across the market cycles.

Can you share more about the artwork?

Details about the generation process & artistic design are here.

What is the total supply of Waves?

The supply is capped at 1,000 uniquely generated Wave NFTs.

What format will the Wave NFT be in?

The NFT in the Phantom wallet will be a static image; however, we plan to add on the ability to "replay the generation event" (aka live view) on our website for the Waves you own.

What is the resolution of each Wave?

The uploaded NFT resolution will be 1200x1200 pixels.

How do I get a Twitter Banner version of my Wave?

DM your Wave number to our Twitter account.

How do I join the Banner Gang?

Tweet proof-of-banner to our Twitter account and we will add you.

Are there secondary markets?

Yes, we are currently listed on Solanart, DigitalEyes, Magic Eden, and SolShop.

Wen Rarity Chart?

Playground Waves are art, not a pfp or gaming project. All of the metadata is displayed within each NFT, although as of now, what you see is what you get. Think about it more like art instead of pfp.

Is there a community fund?

Yes, we will place the vast majority (90%) of our total sales into our “community vault.” We want to use this to both support other artists in the Solana NFT space and continue to build Playground over time. More to come on how this community fund will be used.

What's with the marketplace fees?

We set it at 10% to encourage less trading, more hodling. On top of this we are taking 90% of all of the fees earned and putting them into the community fund described above.

Our goal is to have the community to help us decide what to do for future products, supporting other artists, supporting the Metaplex ecosystem, etc. Think of this like the MonkeDAO but for Playground.

Hey, what's with the number of colors listed on my Wave?

Waves were created in p5.js and the way each Wave is constructed, 1 color can be a singular color or 1 color can be a gradient of colors. "Number_of_colors" was a variable that was output during the generation process of each wave by the code itself.

It's a little confusing but honestly the best approach here is the visually look at each one and find the color style and patterns you like the best. We'll see if we can help clarify this better in the future but no promises here.

Did the team or Playground receive any private allocation of Waves?

No - the team participated in the lottery just like everyone else.

Do I own the Wave after purchasing?

Yes, full intellectual properties are given to the buyer. You can learn more about your rights as a Wave holder in our Terms Section.

What is the roadmap for Playground going forward?

Playground was intended to be more of a fun and experimental place for the team to try things out in generative art, Solana, and NFT space (hence the name).

In the short term, our goal is to get this drop out smoothly, create a better viewing experience post-launch, create a "live view" mode to replay the generation event for each Wave, etc.

In the longer term, we would love to do more drops, work with outside artists, create a DAO to back other creators in the space, potentially work on the tooling/software side, potentially work on things around fractionalization/private marketplaces/etc.

A lot will depend on how this first drop goes, where the community wants to take this, and the highest leverage areas we can help support with.

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